Handbook of Infrared Astronomy

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August 1999



A clear and concise practical handbook on all aspects of infrared astronomy, for graduate students, researchers and keen amateurs.


1. Infrared emission mechanism; 2. The infrared sky; 3. Photometry; 4. Spectroscopy; 5. Dust; 6. Infrared astronomical technology; References; Index.


' ... a wealth of useful information ... This book will serve as an excellent resource for both professionals and amateurs who want to enter the realm of the infrared observer.' Steven V. W. Beckwith, Director, Space Telescope Science Institute 'Glass is to be congratulated on a well-balanced and suitably-condensed handbook, and coming from a life-long infrared astronomer the reader could scarcely wish for better.' A. D. Andrews, Irish Astronomical Journal '... this handbook is a good-value starting point for any student venturing into the murky world of IR observing. For the more experienced observer who, ... has several pieces of paper on which you've carefully written all those essential bits of information, it will form a much tidier alternative. I certainly intend to consult my copy the next time I wish to use an IR instrument.' Paul O'Brien, The Observatory
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