An Introduction to the Mechanical Properties of Solid Polymers

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Provides a comprehensive introduction to the mechanical behaviour of solid polymers. Extensively revised and updated throughout, the second edition now includes new material on mechanical relaxations and anisotropy, composites modelling, non-linear viscoelasticity, yield behaviour and fracture of tough polymers. The accessible approach of the book has been retained with each chapter designed to be self contained and the theory and applications of the subject carefully introduced where appropriate. The latest developments in the field are included alongside worked examples, mathematical appendices and an extensive reference. * Fully revised and updated throughout to include all the latest developments in the field * Worked examples at the end of the chapter * An invaluable resource for students of materials science, chemistry, physics or engineering studying polymer science


1 Structure of Polymers.
2 The Deformation of an Elastic Solid.
3 Rubber-like Elasticity.
4 Principles of Linear Viscoelasticity.
5 The Measurement of Viscoelastic Behaviour.
6 Experimental Studies of Linear Viscoelastic Behaviour as a Function of Frequency and Temperature: Time-Temperature Equivalence.
7 Anisotropic Mechanical Behaviour.
8 Polymer Composites: Macroscale and Microscale.
9 Relaxation Transitions: Experimental Behaviour and Molecular Interpretation.
10 Creep, Stress Relaxation and Non-linear Viscoelasticity.
11 Yielding and Instability in Polymers.
12 Breaking Phenomena.
Appendix 1.
Appendix 2.
Answers to Problems.
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