The Seven Lives of John Murray

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Juli 2008



The gripping history of a venerable publishing house and its behind-the-scenes sagas


Humphrey Carpenter began his career working for the BBC and appeared on Radio 3 and 4 many times since. He has written many bestselling, award-winning biographies whose subjects include Tolkein, CS Lewis, Ezra Pound, WH Auden, Bejamin Britten, Spike Milligan. He was a prolific author of childrens' book and a skilled jazz musician. He died in January 2005.


'Humphrey Carpenter's history of the firm, completed by other hands after his death in 2005, is an evocation of a vanished age' -- Jeremy Lewis, Daily Telegraph 20080707 'A treasure-trove of fascinating information paced into Humphrey Carpenter's riveting history of the world's longest surviving publishing house ...Terrific' -- Val Hennessy, Daily Mail 20080711 'The late Humphrey Carpenter, a delightful and generous-minded man to whose memory I doff my cap, died while still at work on the manuscript of Seven Lives' -- Independent on Sunday 20080711 'The highs and lows of the literary world are reported with panache in this fascinating book. Superb photographs too' -- Tatler 20080711
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