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The practice of Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners has come to international prominence and renown, having built upon its reputation for structural, industrial and technical experimentation and finesse in the 1980s and 1990s. This book examines their recent work. At the dawn of the new millennium, the practice has completed some of its most exciting and diverse work: the Eden Project in Cornwall, Ludwig Erhard Haus in Berlin, the Orange Call Centre in Darlington, the National Space Science Centre in Leicester and the redevelopment of Paddington Station.Hugh Pearman describes the structure of the building, how they are used and experienced and how they respond to their environment. An introductory essay explores the development of the practice from the early 1990s to its present finely balanced and refined state. Introductions to all seventeen projects are written by Nicholas Grimshaw and a lecture by the architect also gives an insight into his thinking and methodology; an interview with Grimshaw provides a further window into the practice.


RAC Headquarters, Bristol; Caixa Galicia Foundation A Coruna; Berkin Stock Exchange; Bath Spa; Lord's Grandstand; Ijburg Bridge; Orange Call Centre; Eden Project, Cornwall; Mabeg Office Building; Zurich Airport; Paddington Station; V&A Boilerhouse; Spine House; Industrial Design Projects; Gresham Street; EIHMS; National Space Science Centre, Leicester; 3 exhibition pavilions, Frankfurt; "Equilibrium" lecture by Nicholas Grimshaw; interview with Nicholas Grimshaw by Enrique Walker.


Hugh Pearman is a London-based writer, broadcaster and lecturer. He has been architecture and design critic for The Sunday Times since 1986 and contributes to numerous other newspapers, magazines and journals worldwide. He is also author of Contemporary World Architecture (Phaidon, 1998).


'This is a book to covet. It shows the work of one of the UK's best architects, in the greatest detail and beautifully presented.' (Architectural Design) 'This is unquestionably the most impressive architectural monograph I have seen this year: the text is well-balanced in relation to the illustrations, and well-judged in content; the photography is first rate; the mixture of Grimshaw's sketches and his office's architectural drawings is gratifying, and there are proper legible plans and sections for every project.' (World of Interiors)
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Untertitel: The Works of Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners. 250 colour and 100 b&w illustrations, list, bibliography. Sprache: Englisch.
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