Ecological Entomology

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Featuring completely updated chapters, additional authors, and an increased emphasis on alternatives to traditional pesticides, the second edition of Ecological Entomology is the field's leading reference on the role of insects in ecosystems. The authors cover insect growth and development, what they eat, how they reproduce, and how they move in various environments. The book also examines how insects interact with the plant community and how to control insect populations naturally.


Introduction to Ecological Entromology (C. Huffaker, et al.). The Concept of the Ecosystem (P. Price). BASIC BIOLOGICAL AND ECOLOGICAL ADAPTATIONS, PROPERTIES, BEHAVIORS, AND PROCESSES. Growth and Development of Insects (H. Gordon). The Food of Insects (R. Barbehenn, et al.). Reproduction in Insects (F. Engelmann). Adaptations to Hazardous Seasonal Conditions: Dormancy, Migration, and Polyphenism (J. Nechols, et al.). Adaptations of Insects to Modes of Life (L. Caltagirone). Biogeography and Evolutionary History: Wide-Scale and Long-Term Patterns in Insects (S. Peck & E. Munroe). NATURAL CONTROL OF INSECT POPULATIONS. Dynamics and Regulation of Insect Populations (C. Huffaker, et al.). Weather and Insects (W. Wellington, et al.). Interspecific Competition in Insects (N. Mills). Dynamics of Insect Predator-Prey Interactions (A. Berryman & A. Gutierrez). Insect Invasions and Community Assembly (S. Schreiber & A. Gutierrez). Migration and Movement (P. Turchin & K. Omland). Mathematical Models for Age-Structured Population Dynamics (G. Di Cola, et al.). ROLES OR EFFECTS OF INSECTS IN ECOSYSTEMS. Insect Diversity and the Trophic Complexity of Communities (J. Thompson & D. Althoff). Insects on Flowers (P. Kevan & H. Baker). The Influence of Insects on Plant Populations and Communities (R. Nowierski, et al.). APPLICATION OF ECOLOGY TO INSECT POPULATION MANAGEMENT. Modeling Tritrophic Field Populations (A. Gutierrez). Applications of Ecology for Integrated Pest Management (M. Kogan, et al.). Index.
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