The Rise of Modern Police and the European State System from Metternich to the Second World War

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April 2002



A comprehensive history of Continental police systems, in the context of political and diplomatic history.


Abbreviations; Preface; Introduction: How do we define modern police?; 1. Five national police styles in response to popular unrest in the nineteenth century; 2. Modern police and the conduct of foreign policy: the French police and the recovery of France after 1871; 3. International police collaboration from the 1870s to 1914; 4. War and revolution, 1914-1922; 5. The threat of totalitarianism: Nazi Germany's bid for European hegemony; Epilogue; List of archival; Index.


"He has roamed through mountains of sources and a careful reading of his detailed list of archival files is in itself an education in the history of the European police." German Studies Review "Liang's research efforts are impressive. He has mined important archival sources exhaustively to weave a skillful narrative." The Historian "...a must not only for students of the police, but also for social and political historians looking for bridges between these fields." George C. Browder, Central European History "This admirably researched, cogently developed, and broadly focused study deserves the attention of all historians of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Europe." Jonathan W. Daly, Journal of Modern History
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