Computerized Adaptive Testing 2nd

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An intro to computerized adaptive testing including computer technology, test development, statistics, and mental test theory. Accessible approach makes it ideal for both novices and professionals interested in testing in ed, psych, & social sciences


Contents: C.V. Bunderson, Foreword to the First Edition. D.H. Gitomer, Foreword to the Second Edition. H. Wainer, Preface to the First Edition. H. Wainer, Preface to the Second Edition. H. Wainer, Introduction and History. B.F. Green, System Design and Operation. R. Flaugher, Item Pools. H. Wainer, R.J. Mislevy, Item Response Theory, Item Calibration, and Proficiency Estimation. D. Thissen, R.J. Mislevy, Testing Algorithms. N.J. Dorans, Scaling and Equating. D. Thissen, Reliability and Measurement Precision. L. Steinberg, D. Thissen, H. Wainer, Validity. H. Wainer, N.J. Dorans, B.F. Green, R.J. Mislevy, L. Steinberg, D. Thissen, Future Challenges. H. Wainer, D. Eignor, Caveats, Pitfalls, and Unexpected Consequences of Implementing Large-Scale Computerized Testing.
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