Low-Voltage CMOS RF Frequency Synthesizers

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August 2004



Architectures and design techniques for producing CMOS frequency synthesizers.


List of figures; List of tables; Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. Synthesizer fundamentals; 3. Design of building blocks; 4. Low-voltage design consideration and techniques; 5. Behavioral simulation; 6. A 2 V 900 MHz monolithic CMOS dual-loop frequency synthesizer for GSM receivers; 7. A 1.5 V 900 MHz monolithic CMOS fast-switching frequency synthesizer for wireless applications; 8. A 1 V 5.2 GHz fully integrated CMOS synthesizer for WLAN IEEE 802.11a; References; Index.


Review of the hardback: '... as is usual with this series of books, it is well written and produced with a judicious mix of equations and text ... This title is essential reading for all engineers in such fields as mobile telephony and wireless data transfer, as well as for students.' IEE Communications Engineer Review of the hardback: '... is intended to supplement the very few books published on the subject with more comprehensive and in-depth description of building blocks and synthesizer systems ... will be of interest to engineers, managers, and researchers working in radio-frequency integrated-circuit design for wireless applications.' Iasi Polytechnic Magazine
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