Economics of the Environment

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The book interprets nature and the environment as a scarce resource. It offers a theoretical study of the allocation problem and describes different policy approaches to the environmental problem. The entire spectrum of the allocation issue is studied. The author incorporates several economic approaches, including neoclassical analysis, the public goods approach and optimization theory. The different aspects of environmental allocation are studied in the context of a single model that is used throughout the book. The sixth edition includes new sections on ethical aspects of environmental evaluation, and international emission trading and biodiversity.


The Problem.- Using the Environment - An Allocation Problem.- Static Allocation Aspect.- Production Theory and Transformation Space.- Optimal Environmental Use.- Environmental Quality as a Public Good.- Property-Rights Approach to the Environmental Problem.- Environmental-Policy Instruments.- Incidence of an Emission Tax.- Policy Instruments.- Policy Instruments and the Casuistics of Pollution.- The Political Economy of Environmental Scarcity.- Environmental Allocation in Space.- Environmental Endowment, Competitiveness and Trade.- Transfrontier Pollution.- Global Environmental Media.- Regional Aspects of Environmental Allocation.- Environmental Allocation in Time and Under Uncertainty.- Long-Term Aspects of Environmental Quality.- Economic Growth, Sustainability, and Environmental Quality.- Risk and Environmental Allocation.
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