The Role of International Law in the Elimination of Child Labor

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Oktober 2007



"The Role of International Law in the Elimination of Child Labor" offers an indispensible contribution to current debates on child labor, addressing a broad range of subdisciplines.


Preface and Acknowledgments; Foreword; List of Abbreviations; Note on ILO Conventions; Chapter 1: Introduction; Part I: International Standard-Setting in Child Labor: Examining the Priorities of International Law; Chapter 2: Child Slavery and Slavery-Like Practices; Chapter 3: Child Labor and the Sexual and Criminal Exploitation of Children; Chapter 4: Child Soldiers; Chapter 5: Critiques of Prioritization and Alternative Approaches to Regulating Child Labor; Part II: Implementation of Child Labor Norms Through International Law Chapter 6: International Treaty Supervision: State Reporting and Petition Systems; Chapter 7: Child Labor and the International Trading System; Chapter 8: Technical Assistance and Private Enforcement; Chapter 9: Conclusion; Bibliography; Table of Cases; Index; About the PAIL Institute.


Holly Cullen, BCL, LLB, LLM, is a Reader in the Department of Law at Durham University in England. Ms. Cullen's research focuses on European and international human rights law, with a particular emphasis on the rights of the child.
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