Where Hope Takes Root: Democracy and Pluralism in an Interdependent World

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Mai 2008



In this remarkable collection of talks given over the past five years, the Aga Khan surveys the modern world and sets out the principles that inform his vision for change. Again and again, he returns to three cornerstones: democracy, pluralism, and civil society. Democracy, he writes, is always fragile, requiring nurturing in ways that are practical and flexible. Pluralism must be embraced so that it exists in both fact and spirit. And a diverse and engaged civil society, which he broadly defines as including doctors' and journalists' associations, women's groups, social movements, and trade unions, must be supported in countries around the globe. In a world too often divided along economic, political, ethnic, and religious lines, the Aga Khan's words are welcome, going right to the heart of the most difficult challenges the world faces today. Eloquent, inspiring, and deeply challenging, they express hope and conviction that profound change is possible.

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