State and Nobility in Early Modern Germany: The Knightly Feud in Franconia, 1440 1567

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This book offers a new paradigm of the history of the German nobility in the early modern period. It shows that, contrary to the prevailing view, the nobility was not in a period of crisis that facilitated the rise of the state. Rather, the nobility underwent a process of social stratification in the wake of the growth of the state. This process led to the formation of an elite of wealthy noble families on whose cooperation the state depended. This alliance, and not a presumed partnership between rulers and bourgeoisie, was the driving force in early modern Germany.


Preface; 1. The problem of the feud; 2. The politics of violence; 3. The Franconian nobility; 4. Prosopography of the feuding noblemen; 5. State, nobility and lordship; 6. The decline of the feud; Appendices.


"...Zmora does a sound job of proving the linkage between territorial state-building and noble feuding." Choice "It is an exceptionally intersting story, told if not always with crystalline clarity, told nonetheless with verve and authority." Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies
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