International Law: Volume 5, Disputes, War and Neutrality, Parts IX-XIV: Being the Collected Papers of Hersch Lauterpacht

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April 2004



This is the final volume of Sir Hersch Lauterpacht's Collected Papers.


Preface; Table of Cases; Abbreviations; Part IX. Settlement of Disputes: 1. The Irish dispute: a proposal for the composition of the tribunal; 2. Peaceful change - the legal aspect; 3. The doctrine of non-justiciable disputes in international law; 4. Non-justiciability of disputes; 5. The judicial settlement of international disputes; 6. The place of law in the future development of international security; Part X. The International Court of Justice: 1. The structure of the court; 2. The jurisdiction of the court; Part XI. Renunciation of Force: 1. Japan and the Covenant; 2. The Pact of Paris and the Budapest articles of interpretation; 3. 'Resort to war' and the interpretation of the Covenant during the Manchurian Dispute; 4. The Peace Act, 1934; Part XII The Law of the War: 1. Editor's introduction; 2. The Law of Nations and the punishment of war crimes; 3. Tentative list of war crimes; 4. The limits of the operation of the law of War; 5. The problem of the revision of the Law of War; Part XIII Neutrality: 1. Pre-World War II; 2. World War II; Part XIV. Miscellaneous: 1. The teaching of law in Vienna; 2. Some biblical problems of the Law of War; 3. The persecution of Jews in Germany; 4. Opinion on the interpretation of Article 4 of the Geneva Convention of 15 March 1922; Bibliography; Index.


Sir Hersch Lauterpacht (1897-1960) has been generally acknowledged as one of the most distinguished and influential international lawyers of the 20th century. He was formerly Whewell Professor of International Law in the University of Cambridge and a Judge of the International Court of Justice.
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