Sounds in the Sea: From Ocean Acoustics to Acoustical Oceanography

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Juni 2005



The first portion of this comprehensive textbook on ocean acoustics and acoustical oceanography introduces the basic tools used to determine the detailed characteristics of physical and biological bodies and processes at sea. Written by many internationally recognized ocean researchers, the following fifteen chapters describe modern research developments. This invaluable textbook for students in oceanography, engineering, and physics will also serve as a reference for researchers and professionals.


Acknowledgements; About the authors; Preface; Part I. Fundamentals Herman Medwin; 1. Sound propagation in a simplified sea; 2. Transmission and attenuation along sound paths; 3. Sound sources and receivers; 4. Intense sounds: non-linear phenomena; 5. Interpreting ocean sounds; 6. Sound radiated or scattered by prototype marine bodies and bubbles; 7. Ocean bio-acoustics; 8. Ocean waveguides, rough surfaces, barriers, escarpments, and seamounts; 9. Scatter and transmission at ocean surfaces; Part II. Studies of the Near Surface Ocean: 10. Acoustical studies of the upper ocean boundary layer David M. Farmer; 11. Using underwater sound to measure raindrop size distribution Jeffrey A. Nystuen; Part III. Bio-Acoustical Studies: 12. Active acoustical assessment of plankton and micronekton D. Vance Holliday and Timothy K. Stanton; 13. Models, measures, and visualizations of fish backscatter John K. Horne and Josef M. Jech; 14. Bioacoustic absorption spectroscopy: a new approach to monitoring the number and lengths of fish in the ocean Orest Diachok; 15. Passive acoustics as a key to the study of marine animals Douglas H. Cato, Michael J. Noad and Rob McCauley; 16. The acoustical causes of collisions between marine mammals and vessels Edmund R. Gerstein and Joseph E. Blue; 17. Whale monitoring Ching-Sang Chiu and Christopher W. Miller; Part IV. Studies of Ocean Dynamics: 18. Ocean acoustic tomography Robert Spindel; 19. Acoustic time reversal in the ocean David R. Dowling and Heechun Song; 20. Studies of turbulent processes using Doppler and acoustic scintillation techniques Daniela Di Iorio and Anne Gargett; 21. Very high frequency coastal acoustics T. G. Leighton and Gary J. Heald; Part V. Studies of the Ocean Bottom: 22. Acoustical imaging of deep ocean hydrothermal flows David Palmer and Peter Rona; 23. Remotely imaging underwater mountain ranges in minutes Nicholas Makris; 24. Acoustic remote sensing of the sea bed using propeller noise from a light aircraft Michael Buckingham.


Herman Medwin is Emeritus Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California. He is a Fellow and Past President of the Acoustical Society of America, and has won both the Silver and Gold Medals in Acoustical Oceanography from the Society. He is co-author, with C. S. Clay, of the influential textbooks Acoustical Oceanography (1977, John Wiley and Sons) and Fundamentals of Acoustical Oceanography (1998, Academic Press). He has authored over 100 professional articles in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America and Journal of Geophysical Research, and others. He plays weekly in a classical string quartet with a geophysicist-musician, a violin-making organic chemist, and a marine bioluminologist.


'Herman Medwin died in January 2006 at the age of 85. This book acts magnificently as a memorial to him ... The ascribed multiple authorship of this volume ... stands as a telling testament to this influence ... it is clearly written, and each chapter is provided with a range of problems which may be used to assess how well the presentted material has been assimilated ... a useful introduction to non-linear effects such as parametric generation, acoustic streaming and the characteristics of explosive sources ... This is a magnificent book, a worthy occupant of shelf space in any oceanographic library.' The Magazine of the Challenger Society for Marine Science
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