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Herbert Strock has been involved in nearly every phase of film production, as his career developed from his first job as an assistant editor at MGM Studios to his current ownership of a production company. His book is structured to be an in-depth guide for burgeoning filmmakers, covering topics such as pre-planning, producing, screenplay writing, directing, acting, camera, insurance, publicity, budget and union relations.


Herbert L. Strock, head of Hollywood's Herbert L. Strock Productions, began his motion picture career producing, directing, and editing one of the first filmed television series for CBS. Not only has he produced and directed countless programs, but he also taught at the University of Southern California for over twenty years. His production company currently writes, directs, and edits independent and student productions.

Pressestimmen is essentially a "how to" book...include [s] information on budgets and unions not usually included in film textbooks...also includes...standard production forms, and several appendixes providing much miscellaneous material. Of interest to undergraduates, those interested in the technical and practical aspects of filmmaking, and general readers. CHOICE
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