Handbook of Archaeological Methods

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November 2005



The Handbook of Archaeological Methods comprises 37 articles by leading archaeologists on the key methods used by archaeologists in the field, in analysis, in theory building, and in managing cultural resources. The book is destined to become the key reference work for archaeologists and their advanced students on contemporary archaeological methods.


Chapter 1. An Introduction to the Handbook of Archaeological Methods Chapter 2. A Short History of Archaeological Methods, 1870 to 1960 Part 3 PART I. IN THE FIELD Chapter 4 Chapter 3. Logistics of Fieldwork and Collecting Field Data Chapter 5 Chapter 4. Archaeological Survey Chapter 6 Chapter 5. Excavation Chapter 7 Chapter 6. Sequence and Stratigraphy Chapter 8 Chapter 7. Ethnoarchaeology Chapter 9 Chapter 8. Maritime Archaeology Part 10 PART II. ANALYTICAL METHODS Chapter 11 Chapter 9. Radiocarbon Dating Chapter 12 Chapter 10. Dating Techniques Chapter 13 Chapter 11. Geographic Information Systems Chapter 14 Chapter 12. Terrestrial Remote Sensing in Archaeology Chapter 15 Chapter 13. Archaeological Chemistry Chapter 16 Chapter 14. Statistics for Archaeology Chapter 17 Chapter 15. Systems and Simulacra: Modelling, Simulation and Archaeological Interpretation Chapter 18 Chapter 16. Experimental Archaeology Chapter 19 Chapter 17. Reflexive Methods Part 20 PART III. APPLYING ANALYTICAL METHODS Chapter 21 Chapter 18. Pottery Chapter 22 Chapter 19. Lithic Studies Chapter 23 Chapter 20. Paleoethnobotanical Methods and Applications Chapter 24 Chapter 21. Zooarchaeology Chapter 25 Chapter 22. Bioarchaeological Methods Chapter 26 Chapter 23. Rock Art Analysis Part 27 PART IV. FRAMEWORKS FOR METHODS Chapter 28 Chapter 24. Demography Chapter 29 Chapter 25. Geoarchaeology Chapter 30 Chapter 26. Craft Production Chapter 31 Chapter 27. Historical Archaeology Chapter 32 Chapter 28. Trade and Exchange Chapter 33 Chapter 29. Regional Analysis in Archaeology Part 34 PART V. MANAGING ARCHAEOLOGY Chapter 35 Chapter 30. Managing Archaeological Resources Chapter 36 Chapter 31. Curation of Data Chapter 37 Chapter 32. Funding Archaeological Research Chapter 38 Chapter 33. Colleagues, Talking, Writing, Publishing Chapter 39 Chapter 34. Working with and Working for Indigenous Communities


Herbert D.G. Maschner is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Idaho State University. Christopher Chippindale is curator for British collections at the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, and a research professor in Archaeology there, as well as the former editor of the journal Antiquity.


A well-orchestrated and -executed tool for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students...It provides mostly well-written chapters on nearly all of the common and uncommon archaeological methods, with enough current references to facilitate researching a detailed term paper, or accessing more specific regional or topical information. It should be a welcome addition to archaeological libraries and to the reference collections of archaeologists who want to help develop the archaeological interests of their students. Journal of Anthropological Research Recommended. CHOICE
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