Blacks in Black and White: A Source Book on Black Films

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April 1995



Traces the history of the black film industry from its beginnings around 1910 to its demise in 1950, chronicling the activities of pioneer black filmmakers and performers who had been virtually ignored by film historians.


Henry T. Sampson has also written Blacks in Blackface: A Source Book on Early Black Musical Shows (Scarecrow, 1980) and The Ghost Walks: A Chronological History of Blacks in Show Business, 1865-1910 (Scarecrow, 1988, selected a Choice Outstanding Academic Book).


The first edition of this book received laudatory reviews. This (more than) doubly expanded version deserves additional accolades. Sampson has scoured the literature...and added substantial new information. American Reference Books Annual ...immensely valuable... Focus On Film invaluable historical reference. Films In Review This is an important book on an important subject. B'nai B'rith Magazine This revised and expanded second edition is received with approbation. Highly recommended. Classic Images Many full-page and half-page photographs complement the text, while a thorough index eases access. Popular Culture In Libraries absolute treasure trove of information on early Black films, filmmakers, and performers. All in all this is a standard setter for Black film reference books and an essential item for any university or large public library which supports research in African American performance, cultural history, or film studies. Screening Noir Anyone even remotely interested in the history of African Americans in film must have access to this book. Every conscientious library will want to own this invaluable sourcebook. CHOICE
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