The Victorian Achievement of Sir Henry Maine: A Centennial Reappraisal

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Mai 2004



Leading scholars in the social sciences come together to consider the achievement of Sir Henry Maine.


Notes on contributors; Foreword Sir John Lyons; Introduction Alan Diamond; 1. The Victorian values of Sir Henry Maine George Feaver; Part I. Maine and the Idea of Progress: 2. Henry Maine and mid-Victorian ideas of progress John W. Burrow; 3. Maine, progress and theory Raymond Cocks; 4. Maine and the theory of progress Krishan Kumar; 5. Democracy and excitement: Maine's political pessimism Stefan Collini; Part II. Maine and the Social Sciences: 6. The rise and fall of Maine's patriarchal society Adam Kuper; 7. Some contributions of Maine to history and anthropology Alan D. J. Macfarlane; 8. Henry Sumner Maine in the tradition of the analysis of society Edward Shils; 9. Maine as an ancestor of the social sciences J. D. Y. Peel; 10. Ancient Law and modern fieldwork Ray Abrahams; Part III. Maine on Law, Legal Change and Legal Education: 11. Maine and legal education Peter G. Stein; 12. Maine and legal education: a comment William Twining; 13. A wake (or awakening?) for historical jurisprudence Calvin Woodard; 14. Further thoughts on Maine's historical jurisprudence David E. C. Yale; 15. Fictions, equity and legislation: Maine's three agencies of legal change Alan Diamond; 16. Law and language: a metaphor in Maine, a model for his successors? Bernard S. Jackson; 17. Linguistics and law: the legacy of Sir Henry Maine John Lyons; Part IV. Maine and India: 18. The influence of Sir Henry Maine on agrarian policy in India Clive Dewey; 19. India and Henry Maine Gordon Johnson; 20. Maine and change in nineteenth-century India C. A. Bayly; Appendix: the conference programme; Bibliography; Index.
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