Today and Tomorrow

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This classic, authored by the world's most famous automaker, reveals the thinking that changed the industry forever. First published in 1926 and long out of print, the book had been largely forgotten. However, Ford's ideas are re-emerging to revitalize American industry in new ways.


* We are being born into opportunity* Is there a limit to big business?* Big Business and the money power* Are profits wrong?* It can't be done* Learning by necessity* What are standards?* Learning from waste* Reaching back to the sources* The meaning of time* Saving the timber* Turning back to village industry* Wages, hours, and the wage motive* The meaning of power* Educating for life* Curing or preventing* Making a railroad pay* The air* Farm problems are farm problems* Finding the balance in life* What is money for?* Applying the principles to any business* The wealth of nations* Why not?
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Untertitel: Commemorative Edition of Ford's 1926 Classic. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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