Idealism and Freedom

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This volume collects all Henry Allison's recent essays on Kant's theoretical and practical philosophy.


Part I. Kant's theoretical philosophy: 1. Transcendental idealism: a Retrospective; 2. Reflections on the B-deduction; 3. Apperception and analyticity in the B-deduction; 4. On naturalizing Kant's transcendental psychology; 5. Gurwitsch's interpretation of Kant: reflections of a former student; 6. Causality and causal law in Kant: a critique of Michael Friedman; 7. Kant's refutation of materialism; Part II. Kant's practical philosophy: 8. Kant on freedom: a reply to my critics; 9. Autonomy and spontaneity in Kant's conception of the self; 10. On the presumed gap in the derivation of the categorical imperative; 11. Kant's doctrine of obligatory ends; 12. Reflections on the banality of (radical) evil: a Kantian analysis; Notes; Index.


"Allison's book is a counter-example to the myth that all Kant commentators are grouchy and obscure. He is clear, generous to his critics, and writes well. Of course, he is known for all of this plus strong sensible interpretations...Allison's fairness and clarity convince this reader in almost every case." - International Studies in Philosophy, Sidney Axinn
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