Plebs and Politics in the Late Roman Republic

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April 2005



This book deals with popular political participation in republican Rome. It contributes to an ongoing debate about the role of the people in the running of the Roman state, asking whether they had any real say or had been marginalized by the elite. It approaches the issue from a practical perspective, looking at the way political meetings and assemblies functioned and at the crowds that took part. The book thus puts the current discussion about Roman "democracy" on a new footing, and places it in a social context.


Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction: ideology and practice in Roman politics; 2. The scale of late republican politics; 3. The contio; 4. Legislative assemblies; 5. Elections; 6. Plebs and politics; Appendix: the 'Lex Licinia de sodalitatibus'; Bibliography; Index.


'... a major contribution to our understanding of republican history.' Journal of Roman Studies 'It is particularly the discussion of the practical aspects of Roman politics that makes this book very interesting. Mouritsen interprets the scarce material on this subject in a convincing manner ... he presents enough new and surprising observations to keep the reader fascinated.' Journal of Legal History
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