Inside the Customer Universe: How to Build Unique Customer Insight for Profitable Growth and Market Leadership

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September 2008



Inside the Customer Universe reveals how an organization can become ahead of the game by focusing a its strategy on predicting customer needs rather than following them. This book provides a unique contribution to the field of customer management with a departure from current practice towards understanding customers as 'multi-individuals' and hence solving current confusions surrounding customer behaviour.
Inside the Customer Universe's easy to implement tools, models and strategies provide the reader with the ability to create stable and sustainable customer understanding and, therefore, sustainable business growth.
"CUBEical Thinking is a great concept for developing business and the concept of customer types is intriguing as it provides great insights into the drivers behind true customer loyalty."
Niels Henrik Hansen, Director SAS Corporate Sales, Scandinavian Airlines, Denmark
"CUBEical Thinking has given us the platform for developing an effective sales and key account management organization which has delivered significant top and bottom line results based on targeted up and cross sales."
Henrik Hübner, Vice President Sales, Sanistål
"CUBEical Thinking has provided us with great customer insights on which we are benefiting in our daily operations and it has helped our organization focus activities and resources."
Carsten Hetling, Nordic Marketing Manager, Zyxel Communications


1 The quick guide to Customer Universe Based Execution
PART I Discovering the Customer Universe
2 The executive challenge of driving EBITDA growth
3 The challenges of current segmentation models
4 Identifying customer types - inside the customer's mind
5 Identifying roles and scenes - inside situations and occasions
6 CUBEical segmentation - the platform for achieving market leadership
PART II Activating the Customer Universe
7 CUBEical strategy - where and how to compete
8 CUBEical implementation - how to set the agenda
PART III Living the Customer Universe
9 CUBEical thinking - how does it link to other frameworks
10 The fast moving consumer goods universe
11 The key account management universe
12 The mergers and acquisitions universe


Henrik Andersen is Director of Andersen & Partners Management Consulting, Denmark, a company he founded in 2002 that specialises in strategic planning, CRM and customer segmentation. Prior to this he was a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he was the main author of the PwC CRM Handbook. His near 20 years experience in the global consultancy industry provides Henrik with a broad experience in the field of strategic planning, organizational and cultural change, BPR, CRM, and customer segmentation across a range of different industries and organizations. He is a regular presenter at seminars and conferences in Denmark and abroad and is often interviewed by the press as an expert on CRM.Thomas Ritter is a Professor at the Copenhagen Business School and Research Director at the Center for Business Marketing and Purchasing. He has published extensively in high profile academic journals and has contributed to various books and presented countless papers at academic conferences around the world. He has extensive industry experience through consulting and training firms of all sizes and from a wide range of industries across Europe in market strategy, marketing and sales management and value creation through customer relationships.
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