Introduction to the Physics of Electrons in Solids

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November 2010



This textbook sets out to enable readers to understand fundamental aspects underlying quantum macroscopic phenomena in solids, primarily through the modern experimental techniques and results. The classic independent-electrons approach for describing the electronic structure in terms of energy bands helps explain the occurrence of metals and insulating states and to introduce their magnetic and semiconducting properties. Since superconductivity and magnetism can only be understood by taking into account the interactions between electrons, the text recounts the experimental observations that have revealed the main properties of the superconductors and were essential to track its physical origin. While fundamental concepts are underlined, those which are required to describe the high technology applications, present or future, are emphasized as well. Problem sets involve experimental approaches and tools which support a practical understanding of the materials and their behaviour.


The Quantum Mechanics of Solids.
Crystalline Solids. Diffraction.
Electronic Structure of Solids. Metals and Insulators.
Electron Transport in Solids.
Introduction to Superconductivity.
Thermodynamics of Superconductors.
Microscopic Origins of Superconductivity.
Magnetism of Insulators.
Magnetic Anisotropy, Domains, and Walls.
Measurements in Magnetism: From the Macroscopic to the Microscopic Scale.
Spin Dynamics and Magnetic Resonance.
The Thermodynamics of Ferromagnets.
Problem Set.
Physical Constants.
Standard Notation.
Specific Notation.


Professor Henri Alloul was a student at the L'Ecole Polytechnique. He is research director at CNRS and physics professor at the L'Ecole Polytechnique, France
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