Introduction to Stellar Winds

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The first comprehensive introduction to the observations and theories of stellar winds; a long-awaited graduate textbook, written by two founders of the field.


Preface; 1. Historical overview; 2. Observations of stellar winds; 3. Basic concepts: isothermal winds; 4. Basic concepts: non-isothermal winds; 5. Coronal winds; 6. Sound wave driven winds; 7. Dust driven winds; 8. Line driven winds; 9. Magnetic rotator theory; 10. Alfven wave driven winds; 11. Outflowing disks from rotating stars; 12. Winds colliding with the interstellar medium; 13. The effects of mass loss on stellar evolution; 14. Problems; Appendices; Bibliography; Object index; Index.


'This is an enlightening book, full of vivid physics. It fills a long-standing gap in the astrophysical literature and will stand as the foundation of the rapidly growing field of stellar winds.' Norbert Langer, University of Potsdam '... for those interested in a deeper theoretical understanding of stellar winds, the book is certainly to be recommended.' Rainer Wieler, Meteroritics & Planetary Science 'This is an excellent textbook. ... an invaluable resource ... certainly a requisite purchase for anyone starting a study of stellar winds.' Raman Prinja, The Observatory 'Stellar winds are ubiquitous, but their properties and mechanisms span an enormous range. This badly needed book by two well known researchers brings together theory and observation to provide an excellent, integrated treatment of a fascinating subject.' Hollis R. Johnson, Indiana University
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