Middle Ear Surgery

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September 2006



This comprehensive, richly illustrated textbook provides a systematic approach to frequent otological operations. Procedures in surgery of the ear canal, acute and chronic middle ear diseases, otosclerosis, cochlear implantation and vertigo are visualized step-by-step to acquaint the beginner with proven surgical repertoires. The book is written by two famous experts, and even the experienced surgeon will find valuable hints and suggestions to facilitate routine middle ear operations.


Surgical Anatomy.- Preoperative Evaluation.- When Not To Do Surgery.- Postoperative Treatment.- Local Anaesthesia.- Approaches to the Middle Ear.- Harvesting and Processing of Soft Tissues.- External Ear Canal Surgery.- Tympanic Membrane Closure.- Cartilage Palisade Tympanoplasty.- Ossicular Chain Reconstruction.- Materials for Ossicular Chain Reconstruction.- Antrotomy and Mastoidectomy.- Cholesteatoma Surgery.- Mastoid Cavity.- Specific Infections.- Complications.- Tympanosclerosis.- The Atelectatic Ear.- Revision Surgery.- Facial Nerve Surgery.- Stapes Surgery.- Laser Stapedotomy.- Stapes Revision Surgery.- Middle Ear Trauma.- Endolymphatic Sac Surgery.- Malformation Surgery.- Cochlear Implantation.- Revision Surgery After Cochlear Implantation.- Labyrinthectomy.- Vestibular Neurectomy - Translabyrinthine Approach.- Vestibular Neurectomy - Transtemporal Approach.- Retrosigmoidal Approach.- Otological Instruments.



From the reviews:
"A concise summary with elegant illustrations of middle ear surgery. It very quickly focuses on the high points of otologic techniques, with beautiful diagrams emphasizing the high points. ... the book presents a very important addition to any surgeon's library on related surgery." (Moisés Arriaga, Otology and Neurotology, Vol. 29 (4), 2008)
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