Lightning meets Mass Spectrometry

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Juli 2015



In this work a quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer was coupled to a smog chamber for in situ monitoring of degradation product formation of atmospherically relevant volatile organic compounds, in particular aromatic hydrocarbons. The focus was laid on the development of an adequate ionization stage, in particular on the design of a novel type of windowless operated spark discharge source for atmospheric pressure photoionization and on the design of a novel atmospheric pressure laser ionization source.


2007: Master in Science of Chemistry(Coupling of an OPO system with a TOF for recording REMPI spectra).2011: Doctor of Natural Science in Chemistry(this book).Married with the most wonderful woman in the world; 3 awesome Kids.
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Untertitel: Development of a windowless spark discharge and laser ionization source operating at atmospheric pressure. Paperback.
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