The Scientific Study of Human Nature: Tribute to Hans J.Eysenck at Eighty

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Juli 1997



This volume is a Festschrift for Hans J. Eysenck on the occasion of his 80th birthday. The world's leading experts in the field of personality and intelligence have gathered together to honour the most widely cited living psychologist. Each chapter describes first Hans Eysenck's contribution to a particular topic then what research has developed from it, what kinds of amendments, modifications or additions to his work are appropriate and, finally thoughts about the future of the field.


Section headings and selected papers: Personality. The psychobiological basis of personality (M. Zuckerman). Temperament and personality: Eysenck's three superfactors as related to temperamental dimensions (J. Strelau, B. Zawadzki). Crime and personality (G.H. Gudjonsson). Intelligence. The psychometrics of intelligence (A.R. Jensen). Geographical variation in intelligence (R. Lynn). Malleability and change in intelligence (N. Brody). Further Eysenckian Interests. Eysenck's contribution to understanding psychopathology (G. Claridge). (Im)pure genius--psychoticism, intelligence, and creativity (J.P. Rushton). Eysenck's personality theory and organizational psychology (A. Furnham). Epilog. Psychology as science (H. Nyborg). Author index. Subject index.
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