Final Cut Pro HD For Dummies

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September 2004



* Shows film and video makers new to Final Cut Pro how to get down to work with this complicated, professional-level video editing software * The Macintosh platform, which includes Final Cut Pro, owns 58 percent of the video editing software market * Topics covered include working with new program features, organizing media, using advanced editing tools, harnessing audio and video filters, applying transitions, creating motion effects, compositing, rendering, and outputting to tape, CD, DVD, or the Web


Part I: First Things First.
Chapter 1: Introducing Final Cut Pro.
Chapter 2: Getting Started.
Chapter 3: All About HD (High Definition).
Part II: Importing and Organizing Your Media.
Chapter 4: Capturing Media from Tape.
Chapter 5: Importing Media That's Already on Your Mac.
Chapter 6: Organizing Your Media.
Part III: Editing Your Media.
Chapter 7: Editing Basics.
Chapter 8: Getting to Know the Timeline.
Chapter 9: Editing Wizardry.
Part IV: Adding Pizzazz.
Chapter 10: Audio Excellence.
Chapter 11: Composing a Soundtrack.
Chapter 12: Creating Transitions.
Chapter 13: Adding Text to Your Videos.
Chapter 14: Special Effects with Filters and Color Correction.
Chapter 15: Motion Effects.
Chapter 16: Compositing.
Part V: Outputting Your Masterpiece.
Chapter 17: Recording to Tape.
Chapter 18: Exporting Your Movie to a Digital File.
Part VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Becoming a Better Editor.
Chapter 20: Almost Ten Tips for Managing Big Projects.


Helmut Kobler is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker who has recently finished his latest project -- the sci-fi action adventure Radius. (You can see scenes from Radius in many of this book's figures.) Helmut's a confessed Mac addict (he writes many features and reviews for MacAddict magazine, in fact) and has been using the Mac since 1987. In a past life, he directed and produced award-winning video games for PCs and the Sony Playstation. If you want to know more about Helmut's film Radius -- and the 2-disc DVD that it's featured on -- visit the Web site, at
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