James Lick's Monument: The Saga of Captain Richard Floyd and the Building of the Lick Observatory

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Dezember 2002



This is a remarkable story of the building of the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton in California. Helen Wright's informative account vividly describes the founding of the observatory by the millionaire James Lick, as well as the pioneering role that Captain Richard Floyd played in its eight-year construction. The author details the personalities, the many unique circumstances, and the extraordinary production obstacles that were involved in the building of the first high-altitude astronomical observatory, which was finally opened as part of the University of California on June 1, 1888. Based on exhaustive research, this work makes a valuable contribution to the history of astronomy. The volume is enhanced by a fascinating collection of original photographs from the period that are of great historical interest. James Lick's Monument will appeal to a wide audience, including professional and amateur astronomers, historians of science, and all other readers interested in astronomy and its history.


List of illustrations; Preface; Acknowledgments; Prologue; 1. The story of James Lick; 2. Captain Floyd and the Lick Trust; 3. European journey; 4. Transition to the skies over Mount Hamilton; 5. 'Dear Captain'; 6. Ladder to the sky; 7. Success and conflict; 8. Engineering feat on Mount Hamilton; 9. James Lick's last journey; 10. Final stages; 11. To the stars; Epilogue; Notes; Index.
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