Historian's Guide to Early British Maps: A Guide to the Location of Pre-1900 Maps of the British Isles Preserved in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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April 1995



Great Britain and Ireland enjoy a rich cartographic heritage, yet historians have not made full use of early maps in their writings and research. This is partly due to a lack of information about exactly which maps are available. With the publication of this volume from the Royal Historical Society in 1994, we now have a comprehensive guide to the early maps of Great Britain. Now available from Cambridge University Press, this volume provides an essential reference tool for anyone requiring to access maps of the British Isles dating back to the medieval period and beyond.


Preface and acknowledgements; Part I. The History and Purpose of Maps: 1. List of essays on regional and specialised maps; 2. Editor's introduction; 3. Essays on regional and specialised maps; Part II. The Repositories: 4. Sources of information for Part II; 5. Note on stray manuscript maps; 6. Maps in the colleges of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge; 7. Abbreviations; 8. Old standards of length and map scales; 8. Key to arrangement of entries; 9. The repositories for England, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man; 10. The repositories for Wales; 11. The repositories for Scotland; 12. The repositories for Northern Ireland; 13. The repositories for Ireland; Index to repositories.
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