When a School Crisis Occurs: What Parents and Stakeholders Want to Know

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Administrators must respond to parents, students, and stakeholders in the wake of a school crisis in order to inform them, allay fears, and to counteract rumors. Most often, school superintendents, principals, deans, and school security officers seek a concise reference for help in writing messages when a crisis occurs. This book, which includes completed models and sample letter responses, addresses daily issues ranging from bullying to student dropout rates and it offers more than thirty completed documents to work with, to adapt to, and to utilize. Using or reworking the examples provided here will meet the leader's immediate need for appropriate, well-written, and timely communication.


Helen M. Sharp is a freelance education writer, certified school administrator, and former educator. Her writings include more than fifty articles in state and national education publications, including NASSP Bulletin book reviews and two previous co-authored books: The Educator's Writing Handbook and Case Studies for School Leaders: Implementing the ISLLC Standards.


School administrators will find that this casebook fills an ongoing need for communication guidelines during school crises. The 30 cases based on current events and the easy-to-use samples of appropriate letters and bulletins will be a boon to busy administrators who have to respond quickly to crisis events. Especially useful is the discussion of a district-wide communication policy for these situations. -- Diana Reep, chair, Department of English, University of Akron ...Helen M. Sharp...provides a valuable resource for both new and expierenced superintendents and other school administrators. School Administrator, January 2008 Administrators welcome sources to use when a crisis or a significant issue faces an organization. Critical to our efforts is the need to communicate about the situation to those who need and want to know. When a School Crisis Occurs is a reference that provides a valuable resource for those who prepare in advance for a crisis. The model communications offer meaningful suggestions for the administrator. -- Donald Beggs, Wichita State University
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