Statius and Epic Games: Sport, Politics and Poetics in the Thebaid

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April 2005



Offers a new reading of Statius' Thebaid through an examination of the games in Book 6.


Introduction; 1. The chariot race: epic games and real games; 2. The running: audiences; 3. The discus: gigantomachy; 4. The boxing: national identity; 5. The wrestling: bodies; 6. The sword fight: games and war; 7. The archery: controlling the narrative; Conclusion.


Helen Lovatt is Lecturer in Classics at the University of Nottingham. She has written numerous articles on Latin epic and its reception.


'An excellent resource for the student of Statius, it is also a very useful consideration of epic games.' The London Association of Classical Teachers '... provides an illuminating presentation of the interconnection between games and war. ... Lovatt's close reading of the Thebaid and its poetic predecessors has performed a valuable service, revealing the games of Book 6 as an integral part of the poem and locating them within the context of the epic tradition. ... I am sure that this interesting book will provoke lively discussion among Statian scholars.' Journal of Roman Studies
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