The Spanish Republic at War 1936 1939

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A new, comprehensive analysis of the Spanish left during the civil war of 1936 9.


Preface; Introduction: A fractured left: the impact of uneven development 1898-1930; 1. The challenge of mass political mobilisation 1931-6; 2. Against the state: military rebellion, political fragmentation, popular resistance and repression, 18 July-4 September 1936; 3. Building the war effort, building the state for total war, September 1936-February 1937; 4. Challenges to the centralising republic: revolutionary and liberal particularisms in Catalonia, Aragon and the Basque country; 5. The Barcelona May Days and their consequences, February-August 1937; 6. Negrin's war on three fronts; 7. The collapse of the Republican home front; Glossary; Bibliography.


Dr Helen Graham is Reader in Spanish History, Royal Holloway, University of London. She has published widely in the Spanish Civil War, and co-produced (with Jo Labanyi) the first volume ever published dedicated to Spanish cultural studies in 1995. Her book Socialism and War: The Spanish Socialist Party in Power and Crisis, 1936-1939 was published by Cambridge University Press in 1991.


'... by some distance the best book I have read in any language on the Spanish Republic during the Civil War. The detailed - and thoroughly analytical - narrative of the politics of the Republic outshines anything that has been written before ... A very major work by a mature historian writing at the height of her powers.' Professor Paul Preston, London School of Economics and Political Science '... a highly detailed and densely argued contribution to the long-running historical debate about the nature of the wartime Spanish republic.' History 'Not the least of the merits of this massively impressive book is its setting of the Spanish Civil War, as seen from the standpoint of an observer of the politics and society of the Republican zone, in contexts that historiography tends to ignore ... Graham brilliantly illuminates the immaturity of Spanish political life ... This book is so rich that one can find nuggets of gold everywhere ...'. War in History '... this work is an absolute must for all who want to look beyond the simple events and varying accounts of the Spanish Civil War. ... Graham is the author of a brilliant analysis that is both highly interesting and highly readable. Even those who already know a great deal about the Spanish Civil War will be able to draw new knowledge from this work.' International Review of Social History 'Helen Graham's study constituted a comprehensive analysis and detailed description of Republican politics during the war period ... her book may well be considered as a kind of updated synthesis, which will be extremely useful for anyone interested in the Civil War.' Contemporary European History
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