Handbook of Literary Rhetoric: A Foundation for Literary Study

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Lausberg's "Handbook of Literary Rhetoric" is an internationally acclaimed, standard reference work on rhetorical techniques in classical literature, ancient and modern. This translation makes it available for the first time to the English-speaking world.


Heinrich Lausberg (+1992), was Professor of Romance Languages and Literature, University of Munster, from 1949 until his move to the Padagogische Hochschule, Paderborn, in 1972. His other publications include Elemente der Literarischen Rhetorik (1949) and Romanische Sprachwissenschaft (1956).


'"...this English translation needs no recommendation. The only issue here is the quality of the translation - and it is uniformly excellent."' Edgar Krentz, "Religious Studies Review", 2000. From the reviews of the German edition: '"Lausberg's two-volume work is a testimony to tremendous industry, encyclopedic knowledge, and the power to order tightly and systematize. It offers an exhaustive inventory, that is, a taking stock of not only the theoretical rhetoric of antiquity (including of the French), of the formal poetical, linguistic-architectonic phenomena and rules, aspects and concepts of rhetoric drawn from the cultivated language of the great masters, but of the whole technique of manipulating language."' H. Wolf, "Muttersprache 72", 1962. '"...the extraordinary usefulness of the immense work which L. has produced by critically incorporating the entire bulk of ancient rhetoric."' W. Kraus, "Romanische Forschungen 75", 1963. '"It merits sincere admiration, how the Professor of Romance Languages and Literature at the University of Munster...has immersed himself in the broad field of ancient rhetoric in a way which makes his "Handbook"...a welcome tool, useful equally to philologists of the classical as well as modern languages."' W. Schmid, "ASNS 200", 1963. '"In addition to its more literary approach, the virtues of Lausberg's "Handbuch" include the author's judgment, its wide historical span, its clear organization, and its extensive indices. Lausberg's "Handbuch" has been the reference work to which I first turn for technical information about rhetoric, and I have been recommending it to my students and readers of my books for over thirty years. It has, however, never attained in the English-speaking world the status of a basic reference tool that it deserves. Thus the appearance of an English translation is a happy event for rhetorical studies."' George A. Kennedy, from the foreword.
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