Transformers: Design, Manufacturing, and Materials

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November 2004



Transformers of all sizes are at the core of every electrical power gridThis unique resource shows engineers how to design, manufacture, operate, maintain and repair each major type of transformerIncludes:* Controlled shunt reactors* Designing and manufacturing a short-circuit proof transformer* High voltage bushings for transformers* RLA and predictive/preventive maintenance of transformers


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Principles of Transformers
Chapter 3: Materials Used in Transformers
Chapter 4: Magnetic Circuits
Chapter 5: Windings and Insulation
Chapter 6: Voltage Regulation and Tapchangers
Chapter 7: Electromagnetic Forces in Power Transformers
Chapter 8: Cooling Arrangements
Chapter 9: Design Procedure
Chapter 10: Structural Design of Transformer Tankschapter 11: Transformer Auxiliaries and Oil Preservation Systems
Chapter 12: Manufacturing and Assembly
Chapter 13: Drying and Impregnation
Chapter 14: Testing
Chapter 15: Power Transformer Standards
Chapter 16: Loading and Life Transformers
Chapter 17: Erection and Commissioning
Chapter 18: Transformer Protection
Chapter 19: Reactors
Chapter 20: Traction Transformers
Chapter 21: Rectifier Transformers
Chapter 22: Controller Shunt
Chapter 23: Designing and Manufacturing a Short-Circuit-Proof Transformer
Chapter 24: High Voltage Condenser Bushings
Chapter 25: Computerization
Chapter 26: Condition Monitoring
Chapter 27: Solved Examples


Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHAT) is India's largest power equipment manufacturer. It has 14 manufacturing units, 4 power sector regional centers, 8 service centers and 18 regional offices, as well as project sites spread across India and the globe.


Review by: S. R. Walk, Maine Maritime For the experienced professional or the new graduate student, this book provides a broad compendium of advanced yet practical knowledge in the art of power transformer design. The individual authors provide clear and concise presentations of electrical and physical design criteria, and advanced techniques for manufacturing, testing, and monitoring. It is impressive that there is ample theoretical background for the reader's better understanding of the many standardized and recommended design calculations. The authors reference all relevant international standards for power transformer materials, design, testing, installation, and monitoring. They are to be commended for discussing various component failure modes and describing maintenance and condition monitoring needs. They address the full range of power transformers, including modern specialty transformers such as rectifier transformers and power reactors. The occasional slip in grammar or word usage is easily forgiven when balanced against the wealth of practical material available in this one volume. Summing Up: Essential. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals.
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