Days and Nights of the Blue Iguana

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September 2005



Jamaica is the thematic epicenter of this compassionate, painterly collection of poems about the islands of the Caribbean and beyond. The story of the Ancestors--a nomadic family that wanders up and down Jamaica--is related with a breathtaking descriptiveness that uncovers both love and exasperation for the tropical island. This collection also contains a selection of the most popular poems from the author's first book of poetry, "The Caribbean Raj".


Heather Royes works as a consultant in HIV/AIDS and as a poet. She has been publishing since the 1970s and many of her poems have been included in anthologies such as the Heinemann Book of Caribbean Poetry, Penguin Book of Caribbean Verse, the Oxford Book of Caribbean Verse and Seven Jamaican Women Writers. Prizes have included Silver and Bronze medals in the Jamaican Festival Literary Competiton. Heather Royes was educated in Jamaica and in the United States, and has travelled widely due to her work as a consultant. She writes: "This type of travel has been my education as a writer and poet. When I see unusual things or experience cultures which are so far from mine, it gives me a bizarre feeling of learning just a little more about life and people. Sort of intoxication of new things. A constant curiosity about other cultures."
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