European Union Foreign Policy: What It Is and What It Does

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Mai 2002



Shows the increasing importance of a controversial 'EU foreign policy', discussing how its agenda is forged and detailing the resulting actions taken.


Dedication Introduction 1 Does the European Union have a foreign policy? 2 Laying the groundwork: 1945-1968 3 Institutionalising Union foreign policy 4 How it works in practice 5 The European Union and the North 6 The European Union and the neighbouring South 7 The European Union and the distant South 8 The European Union in the New Europe 9 Guns or butter? Abbreviations and glossary Bibliography Index


Hazel Smith is a Reader in International Relations at the University of Warwick and Director of the MA in International Relations. She is currently on secondment to the United Nations World Food Programme in DPR Korea (North Korea) as programme adviser (since August 2000). Her previous books include Nicaragua: Self-Determination and Survival (Pluto, 1993), European Union Foreign Policy and Central America (Macmillan, 1995), North Korea in the New World Order (Palgrave, 1996), and Democracy and International Relations (Palgrave, 2000).


'This is a practical and informative account of what the European Union actually does in the world, and how it goes about it. I welcome Hazel Smith's level-headed contribution to a literature too often characterised by polemics and special pleading.' Commissioner Chris Patten'Indispensable for students and scholars alike.' Professor Chris Hill, London School of Economics
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