Olugbenga Ashiru and Nigerian Foreign Policy

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Februar 2015



This book examines Nigerian Foreign Policy under Olugbenga Ashiru who had served as a foreign affairs minister to President Goodluck Jonathan. Its thrust is on the impact he had made both as a retired career ambassador and foreign affairs minister on the foreign policy during his tenure. The book agrees that the state of Nigerian Foreign Policy prior to his assumption of office was not a cheering one. Some issues especially African issues had come up with the country disappointing its citizens and their friends with its handling style. However,traceable to the efforts of Ashiru as the minister of foreign affairs, Nigeria had the opportunity of redressing some of the deficits in its foreign policy. This showed eloquently in Nigeria-South Africa relations, the Chinese ace and the improvement in the level of interface between Nigerian Foreign Policy and the citizens. Arising from his failures in office, the author raises some concerns for Olugbenga Ashiru's successors in office to address in improving the effectiveness of the country's foreign policy.


Professor Hassan A. Saliu is a Professor of International Relations in the Department of Political Science, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. He has published extensively both within and outside Nigeria on governance issues, international relations and Nigerian Foreign Policy.Professor Saliu has consulted for UNDP,EU/ALF,Nigeria government,etc
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