Introductory Operations Research

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August 2004



This introductory text provides undergraduate and graduate students with a concise and practical introduction to the primary concepts and techniques of optimization. Practicing engineers and managers will also find useful its concentration on problems and examples relevant to them. With a strong emphasis on basic concepts and techniques throughout, the book explains the theory behind each technique as simply as possible, along with illustrations and worked examples. It gives a balanced treatment of both the linear and nonlinear programming, plus search techniques, geometric programming, and game theory. Some typical problems varying in difficulty level are solved so readers can appreciate intricacies of the underlying concepts useful for practical problem solving. Suitable for individual or group learning, the book also includes numerous end-of-chapter problems for study and review.


1 Formulation.- 2 Geometry of Linear Programming.- 3 The Simplex Algorithm.- 4 Duality Theory.- 5 Advanced Linear Programming.- 6 Sensitivity Analysis.- 7 Transportation Problems.- 8 Network Analysis.- 9 Project Management.- 10 Sequencing Problems.- 11 Integer Programming.- 12 Dynamic Programming.- 13 Nonlinear Programming.- 14 Search Techniques.- 15 Geometric Programming.- 16 Goal Programming.- 17 Games Theory.- 18 Special Topics.- Appendix: Objective Type Questions.- Answers.



From the reviews:
"The book has a very wide scope, including linear, integer, nonlinear, dynamic and geometric programming, 2-person zero-sum games, networks, goal programming , project management, and numerical techniques for unconstrained optimization in one and several dimensions. Another strength is the large number of numerical examples in the text, worked in great detail." (David Griffel, The Mathematical Gazette, Vol. 90 (518), 2006)
"The textbook is aimed to 'provide undergraduate and graduate students with a concise and practical introduction to the primary concepts and techniques of optimization', as it is stated at the back cover, It is also promised there that practicing engineers and managers will find the book useful because it gives a balanced treatment of both linear and nonlinear programming and their extensions. ... The appendices contain the objective type questions, and the solutions to the problems presented at the end of all chapters." (Antana Zilinskas, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1099 (1), 2007)
"The focus in this textbook is on deterministic problems in operations research. Besides the respective models the reader will be informed about solution algorithms illustrated by a large number of examples and he is encouraged to solve many exercises. Throughout the textbook the results are often outlined using illustrative examples. ... It may be helpful ... for the students who have a good and precise knowledge in operations research and want to see other problems in this field." (Stephan Dempe, OR News, Issue 25, 2005)
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