"Could Do Better": Why Children Underachieve and What to Do about It

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August 1996



Put your child back on the path to success Two leading psychologists give you individualized, practical solutions tailored for: COASTERS: the ultimate procrastinators, usually described as easy-going and unmotivated, the most common type of underachiever ANXIOUS UNDERACHIEVERS: want to do better but are too tense and uptight to work effectively IDENTITY-SEARCHERS: so wrapped up in figuring out who they are that they become distracted from schoolwork WHEELER-DEALERS: impulsive and manipulative, so intent on instant gratification that they see no point in doing well in school SAD UNDERACHIEVERS: their depressed mood and low self-esteem rob them of the energy they need for schoolwork DEFIANT UNDERACHIEVERS: they underachieve as an act of rebellion "A groundbreaking new approach to helping children work up to their potential."— River North News "An eminently valuable resource for anyone confronted with the challenge of getting the best out of children and adolescents. It will be the book for this problem for a long time." — Anthony Moriarty, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Principal, Homewood Flossmoor Community High School, Illinois


How Do I Know If My Child Is Underachieving? The Coasting Underachiever. The Anxious Underachiever. The Indentity-Search Underachiever. The Wheeler-Dealer Underachiever. The Sad or Depressed Underachiever. The Defiant Underachiever. Loose Ends and Your Underachieving Child. The '90s and Beyond: Transcending Underachievement. References. Resources for Professionals. Index.


HARVEY P. MANDEL, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist in Toronto, Canada, is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology, and Director of the Institute on Achievement and Motivation at York University. He has received major awards in the field of underachievement. SANDER I. MARCUS, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist in Chicago, Illinois, is a managing partner in the firm of Friedland & Marcus, and has counseled thousands of individuals about career paths. LORAL DEAN is a freelance writer and editor.
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