Individual Choice and the Structures of History: Alexis de Tocqueville as Historian Reappraised

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Perceptive study of Tocqueville's works, revealing his deep involvement with the philosophy of history.


Part I. Introduction:
1. Frameworks;
Part II. Paradoxes in Tocqueville's Idea of History:
2. Towards a theory of history;
3. Tocqueville's conceptualisation of moral choice and the particular;
Part III. Plotting Crisis and Change:
4. Tocqueville's uses of intentionality and necessity in the 'Souvenirs';
5. Towards the history of 'L'Ancien Regime et la Revolution';
6. Three faces of history in democracy in America;
Part IV. Historian of the Breakdown of the Old Society:
7. Tocqueville on the general laws of revolution;
8. The aristocratic ethos on the defensive;
9. Ideas and public opinion;
Part V. Epilogue:
10. Further reflections; Select bibliography, Index.


" elegantly erudite reappraisal of Tocqueville as a historian...Mitchell provides an enticing introduction to Tocqueville...we can be grateful to historians like Mitchell." The Vancouver Sun "This book is based on a wide and sensitive reading of the primary and secondary literature. Recommended for all university libraries." Choice "This is an important contribution to the expanding universe of Tocqueville scholarship. Harvey Mitchell has seized upon a major dilemma in the study of Tocqueville...Mitchell is at his very best." American Historical Review
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