Science, Vine and Wine in Modern France

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Mai 2004



Examines viticulture and oenology, and the civilization of wine in modern France.


Preface; Part I. Reinventing the Vine for Quality Wine Production: 1. Death and Resurrection in the Phylloxeric Vineyard; 2. Scientific Programs for the Spread of the Grafted Vine; 3. Direct Production Hybrids: Quality Wines?; 4. The Fall of the Hybrid Empire and the Victory of Vitis vinifera; Part II. Laying the Foundations of Oenology: 5. Jean-Antoine Chaptal; 6. Louis Pasteur; Part III. Oenology in Champagne, Burgundy, and Languedoc: 7. Champagne: the Science of Bubbles; 8. Burgundy: The Limits of Empirical Science; 9. Languedoc-Roussillon: innovations in tradition; Part IV. Oenology in Bordeaux: 10. The pastorian oenology of Ulysse Gayon; 11. The Ionic Gospel of the New Oenology; 12. The Production of Oenologists; Conclusion: Mopping-up Operations or Contemporary Oenology as Normal Science; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


'This book will doubtless interest all wine connoisseurs and entertain scientists. It is, moreover, extremely useful in turning the attention of historians towards a neglected science, one whose hybrid status between science and technology, and between cognition and commerce, is fascinating.' Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent, Nature 'Paul has provided all those interested in French wine science in the 19th and early 20th century with a fascinating and accessible account of the ways in which the scientific community came to the aid of the country's grape growers and wine makers.' Endeavour 'Paul's book has a wealth of information for those deeply interested in wine, but it should also be read by those who deal with modern risk management. And even if you do not read it, you should try at least once to make wine. Remember Faraday!' The Times Higher Education Supplement '... as entertaining history, any scientist with a taste for good wine would find it excellent holiday reading'. John Postgate, Trends in Microbiology 'This splendid book manages to combine precision with, if not quite poetry, then certainly humour and humanity.' R. G. Anderson, Ambix 'This book ... is ... extremely useful in turning the attention of historians' towards a neglected science, one whose hybrid status between science and technology, and between cognition and commerce, is fascinating.' Bernadette Besaude-Vincent, Nature '... the book is a very valuable contribution to the history of agriculture, from both science and social history points of view.' Nicolas Rasmussen, Metascience 'Science, Vine and Wine is a passionate and compelling book which is supplied copiously with footnotes and references to archives, contemporary journals and scientific works spanning two centuries ... Professor Paul has written an intriguing book.' Hugh Clout, Journal of Wine Research
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