Knowing the Law in Spain: A Guide to Spanish Law for the British Property Owner, Resident or Long-Term Visitor

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Januar 1999



A practical guide to the common applications of Spanish law affecting a foreigner who spends a considerable amount of time in Spain. Describing the Spanish legal system, it covers: status as a European Union citizen; cash, credit and currency; buying, selling, letting or renting your property; customs control and consumer protection; and more.


1. Historical perspective 2. Law and order 3. Who am I...Where am I going? 4. Cash, credit and currency 5. Professional people 6. Purchasing a property 7. Paying for a property 8. Doing it yourself 9. Selling a property 10. Community of property owners 11.Letting and ownership schemes 12. Public services, customs control and consumer protection 13. Working in Spain 14. Understanding personal taxation 15. On the road 16. Birth, marriage, divorce and death 17. Wills and inheritance tax 18. Parting shots


Harry King retired from corporate life in Britain to live in Spain. He would do so all over again if faced with the same decision, and now lives in Alicante. He is the author of a number of books including Going to Live in Spain, Buying a Property in Spain and Buy to Let in Spain.

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