Jesuit Political Thought: The Society of Jesus and the State, C.1540 1630

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Juli 2004



Pioneering study of Jesuit thinking exploring the society's position on key questions of political thought.


Introduction; 1. The character and work of the society of Jesus; 2. The society's organizational ideas; 3. The church, the society and heresy; 4. Jesuit reason of state and religious uniformity; 5. Jesuit reason of state and Fides; 6. Reason of state, prudence and the academic curriculum; 7. The theory of political authority; 8. Limited government, compacts and the states of nature; 9. The theory of law; 10. The common good and individual rights; 11. Tyrannicide, the oath of allegiance controversy and the assassination of Henri IV; 12. The Papal Potestas Indirecta.


Harro Hopfl is one of the leading historians of ideas writing in Britain today.


Review of the hardback: 'An important work of scholarship.' The Universe Review of the hardback: '... a remarkable work of intellectual history.' Political Studies Review Review of the hardback: '... a lively and masterful survey of Jesuit political thought ... Hopfl does an excellent job as an historian ...' The Heythrop Journal Review of the hardback: 'Harro Hopfl's long-awaited book sets itself an ambitious task ... Hopfl's project is to chartacterize the political thinking of the society of Jesus as a whole ... In terms of substantive analysis, Hopfl's is by far the best treatment available in English of the more directly political side of Jesuit writing ... the appearance of such an intelligent, thought-provoking, refreshingly idiosyncratic but still thorough treatment of a neglected subject is enormously to be welcomed.' History of Political Thought Review of the hardback: '... meticulously researched, scholarly work, written with suavity and flair, dealing carefully with much of the huge amount of material which awaits the researcher in this field.' English Historical Review
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