Statistics of Hypertensive and Non-hypertensive Diabetic Patients

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People who suffer from diabetes are more than twice as likely to suffer High Blood Pressure as people who do not have diabetes.The significance of this study stems from the fact that diabetes and hypertension are life threatening medical conditions all over the world.Hence it is necessary to take preventive measures where possible and bring out the factors responsible for these two medical conditions diabetes with hypertension and diabetes without hypertension.Studies have revealed that 73% of adults with diabetes either met the diagnostic criteria for or were being treated for hypertension. This statistics becomes even more frightening when you consider that people with both diabetes and hypertension are four times more likely to develop heart diseases than people who do not have these conditions.


Harriet Achiaa Dwamena obtained her B.Sc. degree in Mathematics at the University of Mines and Technology , GHANA.She is currently a Postgraduate student pursuing MPHIL. Applied Mathematics at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana and also works as a Biometrician for the Council for Scientific and Industrial Reasearch(CSIR).
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