Craftsmanship and Character: A History of the Vinson & Elkins Law Firm of Houston, 1917-1997

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This pioneering work by one of the country's leading legal historians is perhaps the most complete history ever written of a major American multinational law firm. Granted unprecedented access to the private files of the Vinson & Elkins firm in Houston, Texas, Harold M. Hyman has crafted a unique and detailed history and analysis of the founding, growth, and operation of a prototypical multinational firm.The history of Vinson & Elkins both mirrors and contrasts with that of many other major American law firms. It began in 1917 with two partners, a handful of clients, and ten thousand dollars. By the 1990s the firm retained more than five hundred lawyers, represented more than eight thousand clients on several continents, and posted multi-million-dollar annual earnings."Craftsmanship and Character" serves as a model study of American law firms and opens the door for more explorations of these hugely influential but largely unstudied institutions.


Harold M. Hyman is William P. Hobby Professor of History Emeritus at Rice University. His books include "Union and Confidence: The 1860s," "A More Perfect Union: The Impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction on the Constitution," and "Craftsmanship and Character: A History of the Vinson & Elkins Law Firm of Houston, 1917-1997" (Georgia).
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