The Deutsche Bank and the Nazi Economic War Against the Jews: The Expropriation of Jewish-Owned Property

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Deutsche Bank played a major role in the expropriation of Jewish-owned enterprises during the Nazi era. Drawing on new source material, James examines the policies that led to the genocide of European Jews and how economic institutions added to the duplicity. Illustrations.


Preface of the historical commission appointed to examine the history of the Deutsche bank in the period of national socialism; Author's preface; Selected abbreviations; 1. Business and politics: banks and companies in Nazi Germany; 2. The structure, organization, and economic environment of Deutsche bank; 3. National socialism and banks; 4. The problem of 'Aryanization'; 5. Deutsche bank and 'Aryanization' in the pre-1938 boundaries of Germany; 6. Deutsche bank abroad: 'Aryanization', territorial expansion, and economic reordering; 7. Jewish-owned bank accounts; 8. The profits of the Deutsche bank; 9. Some concluding reflections; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


'Harold James's new book ... is a clearly written, solidly reasoned business history that merits broad attention ... He has dealt with an extremely sensitive topic with great care.' German History 'This important work by James demonstrate the value of continuing to focus scholarly labours on interpreting and elucidating the implications and consequences of the National Socialist dictatorship ... very significant contributions to this literature ...'. Financial History Review
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