The Unexpected George Washington: His Private Life

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September 2006



Providing a close-up of the all-too-human soul behind the stern presidential, this book talks about George Washington, who laughed, loved, and lived life to the full. Drawing on letters, diaries, and primary sources, it describes this passionate lover, husband, father, grandfather, and friend.


List of Maps and Illustrations. Acknowledgments. Author's Note. Introduction. 1 A Quest for Power and Glory. 2 An Agreeable Consort for Life. 3 "Fox Hunting ... but Catchd Nothing." 4 A Death in the Family. 5 The Glorious Cause. 6 "The Fate of Unborn Millions." 7 An Affectionate Friend. 8 The Long Journey Home. 9 A Broken Promise. 10 "God Bless Our Washington!" 11 "Tranquillity Reigns" 12 The Voice of Your Country. 13 Vine and Fig Tree Revisited. 14 "First in the Hearts of His Countrymen". Epilogue. Notes. Selected Bibliography of Principal Sources. Credits. Index.


HARLOW GILES UNGER is a graduate of Yale University and the author of fifteen books, including the award winning Lafayette, as well as biographies of John Hancock and Noah Webster. A veteran journalist, he was an editor at the New York Herald Tribune Overseas News Service in Paris and a foreign correspondent for the Times and the Sunday Times, London.

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