Legal Method, Skills and Reasoning

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Language skills, study skills, argument skills and legal knowledge are vital to every law student, professional lawyer and academic. This book suggests a range of 'how to' techniques for acquiring these academic and practical skills. It explains how to work with legal texts, and how to read and write about the law.


Part 1: Preparing for the Journey Preparing for the Journey - Study Skills. Signposts and Landmarks. The Contexts of Law Part 2: Mapping the Territory Reading and Understanding Legislation. Reading and Understanding Law Reports. Reading Texts about Law. Part 3: Arguing the Law: The Construction of Argument The Anatomy of Argument. Legal Reasoning Part 4: Putting it all Together Writing the Law. Speaking the Law. Exam Strategies


Sharon Hanson is Senior Lecturer in Law at Canterbury Christ Church University where she is course co-ordinator for the undergraduate legal studies programme.
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