Clonal Growth In Dry Grasslands

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Mai 2010



The capability of a large part of vascular plant species to reproduce sexually and vegetatively plays an important role in many ecosystems. However, the role of clonality in structuring plant communities and costs possibly related to clonal growth are not fully understood. In this study I established trade-offs related to vegetative spread and sexual reproduction for seven congeneric phalanx and guerrilla species-pairs. The extensive spacer network of guerrilla species reduced their investment in generative reproduction on the ramet- as well as on the population level. Furthermore, I showed that traits related to morphological attributes of clonal growth may help to predict occurrence and abundance of plant species in dry grasslands. Finally, the influence of site conditions and nutrient availability on clonal traits was clarified. Higher nutrient availability favours species capable of extensive lateral spread, while nutrient deprivation seems to favour compact architectures. In summary, processes and patterns related to vegetative reproduction may, thus, play a vital role in driving species coexistence in dry grassland communities.


Hans Pfestorf studied Geoecology at the university of Potsdam, where he specialised in the field of vegetation ecology and nature conservation. Currently he works on linking belowground herbivory with vascular plant diversity and species traits in a PhD project.
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Untertitel: Trade Offs Related To Reproduction And Vegetative Spread Under Different Environmental Conditions. Paperback.
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